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The Colonel's IN

Cindy and Ian MacDonald

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The Colonel's IN B&B

843 Union Street, Fredericton, NB


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Welcome to The Colonel's IN Bed and Breakfast. I'm Cindy MacDonald and I've been running my bed and breakfast since 2006. It's been everything I thought it would be. :)

How did I get here? Well...after my husband and I visited our FIRST B&B over 22 years ago...I thought to myself "I can do this. Actually, I'd love to do this." At the time I worked full-time in IT and had a great job with great colleagues who were also my good friends. I loved it. And we had two little girls who were still working their way through pre-teen years. Fun!

But...as the years went by I kept thinking about owning a B&B one day. I researched B&B's, I bought books on how to operate a B&B, how to run a B&B, how to fold napkins, how to do this and how to do that...you get the picture. After awhile I had quite a stack of books...lots to read and think about.

As time went on, our children grew older and before we knew it...poof! they're off to school in another city. And...this lovely property at 843 Union Street had a For Sale sign on it one day and I happened to be driving by. I called the realtor up...went through it and THEN I told my husband about it. You have to understand my husband...what did he say? He said, "Cindy, let's go have a look. If it's what you want, let's do it." 

And...the rest is history. :)

So...I run my B&B the way I want a B&B to be when we go to visit. We hope we have created something here that you like, as well.

See you soon!

Cindy & Ian

A little B&B humour for you...:)