History of Our Property

Located in historic Fredericton North, The Colonel's In B&B; was built around 1894 by Captain Melvin McKeil. After the ashes had cooled down from the Gibson fire of 1893, the McKeil family purchased the land and a house was soon erected. A riverboat captain, Melvin also owned a sailboat, which carried many products up and down the St. John River. Melvin and his wife Hattie raised four children. After Melvin died in 1943, Hattie and daughter Mabel (who never married) remained in the house. Mabel lived in the house until her death in 1983.

Fredericton today

Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge and Trans Canada Trails

Fredericton boasts a network of over 85kms of trails extending on both sides of the beautiful St. John and Nashwaak Rivers. With 25 trails offering a variety of urban, suburban, and wilderness environments, Fredericton has one of the premier trail systems in the Maritimes. The City trail system invites walkers, runners and bikers and is connected to the Greater Trans Canada Trail System.

Many of the trails follow old railway lines, including the Old Train Bridge that spans 0.6km across the St. John River, providing one of the most spectacular views of downtown Fredericton! The trails are wide, flat, safe, and wheelchair accessible. There are many directions you can travel and many amenities are located along the trails. Signs along the trails indicate washrooms, attractions, and conveniences. Two majestic bald eagles can be seen quite frequently in this area of the trails.

Fredericton Trail Map and Descriptions

2009 - Fredericton named Canada's 6th Most Walkable City

Check Out Our Panoramic View from Google Maps

This panoramic view of our B&B; from Google Maps lets you see Carleton Park, the St. John River, the downtown skyline and the Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge (old railroad bridge converted to a pedestrian walking bridge). It's spring and everything is getting ready to grow again (this view is a little drab this time of year). Using your cursor, click and move the screen so you can look at a 360 view of our street and lovely water view.

The Colonel's In B&B; at Google Maps

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