Services & Amenities

Inside - The Colonel's In B&B; offers guests their own private sitting room, dining room and enclosed front porch. Guest's also have their own entrance which is separate from the hosts.

Outside - relax in a comfy chair on the side patio. Our flower garden is there for your enjoyment and relaxation.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Services Available


Free, off-street parking

Laundry Services

Washer/Dryer Available for a Fee


Common Rooms

The B&B; has a comfortable living room to relax and socialize in. Wine glasses, snacks, ice, ice buckets and bottled water are available. A small fridge is located in the porch for guest use.

Non-Smoking Property

Dining & Entertainment


We look forward to helping you with your dining choices. We have several menus from our favourite (and locally-owned) restaurants...all just a short walk away.

We are pleased to make a reservation for you. Dining & Entertainment Details

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843 Union Street

Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

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Ratings & Affiliations

Canada Select

4 Stars (Bed & Breakfast/Tourist Homes (BB/TH))


3 Diamonds (Accommodations)